UWS D2L ePortfolio Pilot and Showcase Session

The University of Wisconsin System is sponsoring a pilot project for the D2L e-portfolio product started in January 2009 and will end June 2011. The goal of this pilot is to explore the newly developed ePortfolio tool by Desire2Learn, the UWS centrally supported Learning Management System. The direct integration of the D2L eP product with the LMS offers advantages in Portfolio building and easy access by faculty mentors and students. This product can offer additional advantage in familiar interface and availability to all students who are users of D2L.

The Project

The Office of Learning Technology Development sponsored the cost of the 1500 pilot user licenses. The Learn@UW utility offered free support of the software as well as disk space usage during the pilot. A decision was made to host the D2L eP product fully integrated with the production Learning Environment locally. This provides a full experience for users who has access to their current D2L courses, as well as the Competency and Rubrics modules if desired.
The pilot was originally planned for one year. It has since been extended for free (No additional cost for licenses) for an additional 18 months, allowing more thorough evaluation of the product by the participating campuses. There has been regular exchange of issues, suggestions and feedback to D2L from the Learn@UW support team and the participating campuses. Feedback are being collected from both faculty and students during the pilot.

Campus Participation

  • UW-Milwaukee – since January 2009
    21 faculty and 21 courses will be participating in Fall 2010
  • UW-Stevens Point – since January 2009
    34 faculty and 40 courses will be participating in Fall 2010
  • UW-Colleges – since January 2009
    59 Faculty will be using the system for tenure review, 13 faculty and 13 courses in Fall 2010
  • UW-Whitewater – since January 2009
    3 faculty and 3 courses will be participating in Fall 2010
  • UW-Madison – since January 2009
    54 faculty in 7 programs will be participating in Fall 2010
  • UW-Green Bay – since June 2010
    2 faculty and approximately 120 students will be participating in Fall 2010

Any other interested campuses are welcome to join this pilot. Review the MOU for participation details, or contact Lorna Wong, director of Learning Technology Development, UWSA for questions.

ePortfolio Showcase (Madison, WI, Sept 24, 2010)

The following presentations are from the UWS D2L eP Showcase Event on September 24, 2010, at the UW-Madison Memorial Library.

Session I: Introduction to e-Portfolio and the D2L eP Pilot

Matt Russell, UW-Milwaukee
Matt Russell is an academic technologist in the Learning Technology Center at UWM. His presentation notes the benefits of using the ePortfolio in a number of different contexts, highlighting the benefits for student professional development.

Session II: Course Examples

Julie Kline, UW-Milwaukee
In Spanish 173: Introduction to Latin America (now LACS 101), e-portfolio was used as a final project, in lieu of a final exam. Each student produced a web presentation built upon previous group and individual work in the class. The assignment was designed to help students critically synthesize course content, draw from outside research sources, and integrate images, audio or video media to strengthen the written presentation content.

ep-demo-2010-kline from Matthew Russell on Vimeo.

Chang Wan Woo, UW-Stevens Point

ep-demo-2010-woo from Matthew Russell on Vimeo.

Raquel Oxford, UW-Milwaukee:
The Language Education program in the School of Education is using the D2L e portfolio feature for student teachers to create the portfolio required for certification by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The portfolio is presented to program faculty at the end of the student teaching semester. D2L eP has been beneficial to the program by allowing students a familiar platform to synthesize and present their competencies on teacher standards and an easy way to share the product with multiple faculty members.

ep-demo-2010-oxford from Matthew Russell on Vimeo.

Sue Stalewski, UW-Milwaukee
The Nursing program at UWM is starting to use the ePortfolio in order to allow students to submit completion of standards in the program.

ep-demo-2010-stalewski from Matthew Russell on Vimeo.

Julie Darmody, UW-Milwaukee
Julie Darmody teaches Masters students in Nursing and these students have used ePortfolio to demonstrate that they have achieved the mid-point and end of program student learning outcomes. These mid-point and end of program ePortfolios promote reflection and professional development of individual students and also demonstrate achievement of program outcomes that is important to meet accreditation requirements for the Masters nursing program.

ep-demo-2010-darmody from Matthew Russell on Vimeo.

Steven Hill, UW-Stevens Point

ep-demo-2010-hill from Matthew Russell on Vimeo.

Session III: Program Assessment Examples

Lisa Moline, UW-Milwaukee
The program in Graphic Design at UWM is requiring its graduates to assemble an ePortfolio of their work for completion of the program. Dr. Moline's presentation highlights the way in which the use of the ePortfolio allows for the assessment of student work.

ep-demo-2010-moline from Matthew Russell on Vimeo.

Jasia Steinmetz and Deborah Tang, UW-Stevens Point

ep-demo-2010-steinmetz-tang from Matthew Russell on Vimeo.

Session IV: Co-curricular and Other eP Applications

Karen Franker, UW Colleges
Karyn Biasca, UW-Stevens Point
Mark Tolstedt, UW-Stevens Point

ep-demo-2010-tolstedt from Matthew Russell on Vimeo.